Delivering Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform

We are focused on providing technical excellence and insight to help our ambitious customers win in their markets. cloud solutions gives you options for computing and hosting.You can increase your product's speed to market while decreasing costs.

Do much more on Google Cloud Platform

Mobile Applications

Google Cloud Platform services let you focus on your application development, without bothering about infrastructure. Build your app for Android, iOS on infrastructure that reliably scales as your app grows.


Websites & Web Apps

Build a multi-tiered web application from scratch or host a static website, Google Cloud Platform services & infrastructure enables you to develop and deploy robust, scalable, globally-available applications and websites.


Development & Test

Development and test is where any application starts. Google Cloud Platform provides the agility to be able to try things out quickly and move on without incurring upfront costs or facing delays while procuring hardware.


Big Data

Applications today are generating more and more data at speed like never before. Google Cloud Platform products and services help you collect, ingest, and analyze your data quickly and cost effectively.



Google Cloud Platform infrastructure and services enables you to build massively scabale games to delight your customers without having to worry about IT Infrastructure and upfront financial investments


More then internet

By 2020, it is expected that 50 billion connected devices will exist. Google Cloud Platform gives you tools to scale connections, gather and make sense of data, and provide reliable customer experiences that hardware devices require.


Why Google Cloud Platform

Mix and match services

Virtual machines. Managed platform. Blob storage. Block storage. NoSQL datastore. MySQL database. Big Data analytics. Google Cloud Platform has all the services your application architecture needs.

Focus on your product

Rapidly develop, deploy and iterate your applications without worrying about system administration. Google manages your application, database and storage servers so you don’t have to.

Performance monitor

Every millisecond of latency matters. Google’s compute infrastructure gives you consistent CPU, memory and disk performance. Our network and edge cache serve responses rapidly to your users across the world.

Scale to millions of users

Applications hosted on Cloud Platform can automatically scale up to handle the most demanding Internet-scale workloads and scale down when traffic subsides. You pay only for what you use.

Google-grade security

Deploy on an infrastructure protected by more than 500 tops experts in information, application, and network security. Cloud Platform complies with top certifications, like ISO 27001, SOC 2/3, and PCI DSS 3.0.

Get the support you need

With our worldwide community of users, partner ecosystem and premium support packages, Google provides a full range of resources to help you get started and grow.

Google Cloud Platforms Products

Run your application using the same technology and tools used at Google. Cloud Platform provides the building blocks so you can develop quickly, using the services that you need.


App Engine

A powerful platform to build apps that scale automatically

Cloud Dataflow

Build, deploy, and run data processing pipelines that scale to solve your key business challenges. Google Cloud Dataflow enables reliable execution for large-scale data processing scenarios such as ETL, analytics, real-time computation, and process orchestration.

Container Engine

Run Docker containers on Google Cloud Platform, powered by Kubernetes. Google Container Engine actively schedules your containers, based on declared needs, on a managed cluster of virtual machines.


Cloud Storage

Use a powerful, simple and cost effective object storage service. With global edge-caching, your users have fast access to your app’s data from any location.

Cloud Datastore

Use a managed, NoSQL, schemaless database for storing non-relational data. Cloud Datastore automatically scales as you need it and supports transactions as well as robust, SQL-like queries.

Cloud SQL

Store and manage data using a fully-managed, relational MySQL database. Google handles replication, patch management and database management to ensure availability and performance.

Cloud Bigtable

Bigger than a data warehouse, fast enough for real-time access, and less expensive than running virtual machines. The world-renowned database that powers Google is now available to you worldwide.

Big Data


Analyze Big Data in the cloud with BigQuery. Run fast, SQL-like queries against petabytes of data in seconds. Scalable and requiring no setup or administration, BigQuery gives you real-time insights about your data.

Cloud Dataflow

Build, deploy, and run data processing pipelines that scale to solve your key business challenges. Google Cloud Dataflow enables reliable execution for large-scale data processing scenarios such as ETL, analytics, real-time computation, and process orchestration.

Cloud Pub/Sub

Connect your services with reliable, many-to-many, asynchronous messaging hosted on Google’s infrastructure. Cloud Pub/Sub automatically scales as you need it and provides a foundation for building your own robust, global services.


Cloud Endpoints

Create RESTful services and make them accessible to iOS, Android and Javascript clients. Automatically generate client libraries to make wiring up the frontend easy. Built-in features include denial-of-service protection, OAuth 2.0 support and client key management.

Translate API

Quickly and dynamically translate between thousands of available language pairs within your app, integrating with Google Translate.

Prediction API

Use Google’s machine learning algorithms to analyze data and predict future outcomes using a familiar RESTful interface.


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